Tomoyo Yamada
Dancer, Choreographer

Photo: Lula-Belle Jedynak

Dancers: Ana-Daria Vieru, Athena Lewis, Charlotte Telfer-Wan

yane ura (2019)

Photo: Issei Ogasawara
Photo: Ghinwa Yassine
Photo: Xinyue Liu
Photo: Jessica Schmitt

Upcoming Projects

Powell Street Festival

August, 2020

Clala Dance Project is scheduled to perform Emergency!! at the Powell Street Festival this year. Stay tuned for more details!

Nikkei Artist Mixer

May , 2020 (Available online)

Produced by artist June Fukumura and partnered with Powell Street Festival, the mixer featured three Japanese-Canadian inter-disciplinary dance artists. Link to video below. 

MFA Graduation Project

November, 2020

Tomoyo Yamada's MFA Graduation Project is scheduled to be performed in November, 2020. In collaboration with Anja Graham, Brett Palaschuk, Charlotte Telfer-Wan, Kevin Locsin, Shion Carter. 

Kyoto International Dance Festival 2020

To be announced

The 25th Kyoto International Dance Festival have been postponed, but we have a few programs planned for you to participate! Coming soon: artist bio-writing in Japanese/English workshop.

Contact Information
Photo: Jessica Schmitt

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