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Photo: Jessica Schmitt

Tomoyo Yamada

Performing Artist/


Photo: Lula-Belle Jedynak

Tomoyo Yamada is an interdisciplinary artist whose primary media are dance and choreography. Born in Japan and educated in the United States, she has spent most of her life traveling between North America and Japan, negotiating distinct cultural identities. Her practice is influenced by her ongoing research into identity politics and her self-reflexive interrogation of transnational cultural difference.


Upon receiving her bachelor’s in Health and Sports Science in 2016, Tomoyo has been presenting works both in North America and Japan, such as Dancing on the Edge Festival (2019), Vines Art Festival (2019), Open Stage at the Scotiabank Dance Centre (2020), REVERBdance Festival (2016) and All Japan Dance Festival (2013-2016). She also works for a non-profit arts organization Dance & Environment (Kyoto, Japan), which co-produces workshops and creations for Kyoto International Dance Festival.

Her works include “Emergency (2012)”, “kikoeteimasuka (2013)”, “Femme Façade (2014)”,  "shimai (2016)", "yane ura (2019)", which have been performed/recreated multiple times in Japan, Canada and the United States. Selected as participant for the Winter Intensive at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (Greensboro, USA) in 2016, she also recreated “Femme Façade” with their students.

Currently a MFA student at the School of Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada) in interdisciplinary art, she creates works shedding light on cultural and social issues around the globe.



また、堪能な語学能力を生かして京都国際ダンス・フェスティバルを始めとする様々な場面で英語・日本語のダンス通訳としても活躍。ダンサー・貫渡千尋と共同でClala Dance Projectを立ち上げ、現在はカナダを中心に作品発表を行う。

Photo: Yuuki Iwase
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